Gator Bait BBQ sauce is a black owned small business out of Columbus, Oh. Owner Malcolm “Gator” Fowlkes gets his passion for cooking from his late father Wm Malcolm Fowlkes III which extends from his grandmother Bettye and great grandmother “Big Momma”.  Gator Bait is a sweet, tangy, mesquite BBQ sauce that is sure to have you coming back for seconds AND thirds.

The general consensus is that it literally goes on everything!  The taste elevates every meal it comes in contact with from chicken, fries, burgers, hot dogs, ribs all the way to chips, meatloaf, pizza, even had one person admit to putting it on his ice cream. Personally wouldn’t go that far but just goes to show you how good it is!

The rub is a perfect blend of flavors that’ll surely add a big impact to anything you use it on.  Just put it on all of your meats and get to cookin’! Really an all purpose seasoning as it adds that big bite of flavor to any and all meals.